split w/ ilill

by letters to catalonia

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on this release letters to catalonia was:

pj - bass/vocals
julian - drums
jesse - guitar/vocals

recorded in january 2016

listen to the whole split here:


released March 2, 2016

recorded/mixed/mastered by alexander jacobelli (sunsickstudio.com)

artwork by kyle rotta



all rights reserved


letters to catalonia Los Angeles, California

3 piece diy band

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Track Name: how'd u like it if i miked u?
baptism of capital gain. ember flooded fields. straight from the butcher’s hand. stealing hope of increase from the bourgeoisie reign. exploited. innocent. we won't stand for selfishness. for every life you take expect resistance and swift action. your days are numbered. justice comes in the dead of night.
Track Name: decay
what does it mean to be a shadow that doesn't outline the man it shapes? searching for an apology. i'd be lying if I said I didn't care. trying to live without. I know others do but does it have to be this hard? I can't live like this anymore.
Track Name: my lyfe is a pyramid scheme nd yr just a [s]quare
revolution! revolution! a hollow cry when you won't change anything that means giving up something. “we're tired, we're hungry" but ever so passive. sitting and waiting changes nothing. the fear eats you alive. swallowing gravel feels comfortable with time. calloused hands feed the hand that feeds and takes. sick, covered in dirt. you're slaves to their intentions. compliance. you feed the machine.